Samples of My Design Work

Get Jiggy With It VW Ad
Campaign Ad

I created a few ads on spec when the New Beetle premiered. VW's ad agency loved them!

VW spec ad: It's not a car, it's a movement.
Campaign Ad

This was another of the spec ads for the New Beetle that VW's ad agency loved.

Confidence in a Crisis Presentation Design
Presentation design for webinar series

I created the logo for the webinar series and then eight presentation decks on the chosen topics.

You're Preaching to the Converted, Apple Ad
Apple Ad

I was so impressed by the Mac OS when I made the switch from PCs in 2002, I created this ad.

CBG Holdings, Inc. logo
Logo Design

Initial logo for CBG Holdings, Inc. that played off their tagline.

Cbanc Network logo
Logo Design

Initial logo for cbank, a network for community banks.

Artists Rights Foundation Logo concept
Logo Concept

The Foundation wanted a logo that communicated that movies are created by individuals.